10 Frustrating Things about Living in Hawaiʻi

A lot of people move here, and then spend a lot of time complaining about Hawaiʻi. Now, people are doing that and then posting lists of the complaints on various websites. So, not to be behind-hand, here is my own list of ten frustrating things about living in Hawaiʻi:

  1. People in the contiguous states believing the websites, not you, when you tell them shipping times.
  2. All the businesses which will not ship to Hawaiʻi.
  3. Getting 3 a.m. telemarketing calls from the East Coast of North America.
  4. Welcoming a new neighbor who has just moved here from a city, listening to them talk about how they love Hawaiʻi, and then watching them bulldoze and pave over everything Hawaiian in their new home.
  5. Regulations imposed by legislators in DC which do not take into account the fact that we are tropical islands, not contiguous continent.
  6. Listening to some of your friends/ʻohana grumble about “haoles ruining da ʻāina” while they spray Roundup or used motor oil on practically everything in sight.
  7. The cultural disenfranchisement of so many of our ʻohana, which leads to crime.
  8. People who call every ʻili mākuʻe person “local” whether they are from here or not, and thinking every ʻili kea person, from here or not, is “haole.”
  9. Airfare.
  10. Airports.