Hula Photography and Recording

The Four “Bees” of Hula Photography and Recording

Be courteous. The hula has its roots in our traditional religion and spiritual belief. Some of our hula and hula practice is private and not for public consumption. And some people may simply not wish to be photographed or video taped. Please respect the privacy of the individual. Unless an announcement has been made that photography is ok, please ask permission before photographing or recording people, including spectators and crafts people as well as dancers, chanters, and singers.

Be considerate. If your work is for publication or commercial purposes, ask permission before publication. Tell the person you wish to photograph or record where you will use the images, and why. Offer them a copy of your work.

Be polite. Other people want to see the hula as much as you do. Please allow them to do so.

Be respectful. Do not disrupt the hula, music, or chant by climbing on the stage, platform, or dance area, using flash photography, or being obtrusive in any way.

Those who keep these things in mind will find that most hula and other cultural practitioners will go out of their way to provide photographers with beautiful images to remember the performance by!