10 Ways People from Hawaiʻi Use “Da Kine”

When I was a girl, one day I was playing with a cousin of mine who had just gotten back from a vacation with Mainland ʻohana. She told me that it was really hard to communicate with people over there. I asked her why, and she replied that we don’t use the same words. I asked her, “Like what?” and she said, “You know, da kine.”

I never did figure out if she was saying, “You know, da kine,” or if she was saying, “You know, ‘da kine.'”

So here are ten ways to use “Da Kine.”

  1. Noun – I wen pick up one case da kine.
  2. Proper Noun – I wen take malasadas to Aunty Da Kine.
  3. Noun Clause – I know da buggah like da kine me.
  4. Verb – I wen da kine ’em.
  5. Adverb – Da music was really da kine.
  6. Adverbial Clause – Whenevah I da kine, I stay all bus’ up.
  7. Subject – Da kine stay junk.
  8. Subordinator – I know da kine he stay here.
  9. Article – Da kine kaʻahuila stay blue.
  10. Referent – Da kine saw me.

There are many more ways to use “da kine,” but I think we have sufficient evidence that “da kine” is probably the most versatile word in the Pidgin Language.*

*Translation: Da kine stay some da kine!

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—Kumu Leilehua


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